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Elm Park Fund Limited is a public company limited by shares, established under the laws of the Republic of Mauritius on February 25, 2011.
The Fund holds a Global Business Licence under the Financial Services Act 2007 and operates as an Investment Fund Company under the Collective Investment Scheme. The fund is also a Foreign Portfolio Investor (FPI) under Category 1 registered with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI)  to invest in shares of Indian Companies. The Company holds Tax Residence Certificate issued by the Mauritius Revenue Authority. The registered office address of the company is located at Lot 15 A3, 1st Floor CyberCity Ebene 72201 Mauritius.

The Fund’s ISIN Registration number is MU0721S00003.


The Company’s objective is to achieve long term capital appreciation by investing in a diversified portfolio of equities and equity derivatives, listed, quoted, or traded on any stock exchange or over the counter market primarily but not restricted to India and neighbouring Asian countries and through investment in American Depository Receipts and/or Global Depository Receipts representing securities of Indian/Asian companies. The company may also utilise hedging techniques as opportunities dictate to seek a reduction of risk.

Board of Directors

Vikram Rege


Vikram Rege has an MBA degree in Marketing from Leeds University Business School with over 15 years of experience in investing in securities and debt in the emerging markets wherein he has successfully serviced institutional and high net worth clients in the areas of equity sales. He has been able to leverage his in-depth knowledge of the operational aspects of the capital markets to execute complex transactions in a simplistic manner. Mr. Rege is an approved person with the FCA holding the role of SMF3 Executive Director as well as the certified/assessed controlled function of client dealing.

Deeya Autar, FCCA, is Vice President at Apex Fund & Corporate Services (Mauritius) Ltd (AFCS) working as a partner with responsibility to mentor and lead a team of professionals handling a portfolio with a total asset of over $900 million. Her portfolio includes Funds, Investment Managers, Investment Advisors, Global Business Companies, Authorised Companies, Trusts, Foundations and domestic companies.


She serves on Board of 40 plus Companies, including Closed-End Funds, Collective Investment Schemes, Investment Managers, Investment Advisors and Investment Holding entities. She also acts as Money Laundering Reporting Officer and authorised signatory for various entities and is responsible for training of staffs at AFCS.


She has been in the Global Business Sector for nearly fifteen years. Over the years, she developed in-depth knowledge of the financial services sector coupled with practical know- how on the operations, administration, accounting & taxation, regulatory and compliance aspects for global business entities. She also has a strong work ethic, a positive attitude and good communication & leadership skills.


Deeya holds a BSc (Hons.) Finance with Law from the University of Mauritius and is a Fellow Member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, a Member of the Mauritius Institute of Professional Accountants (MIPA) and a Member of the Mauritius Institute of Directors (MIoD).

Deeya Autar


Tosveersingh Parmessur (Kritish)


Tosveersingh Parmessur (Kritish) is a Senior Vice President at Apex.


Kritish joined GFin (now Apex) in January 2012 and has 15 years+ of experience in the Global Business sector with considerable exposure to the Structuring, Administration and Accounting / taxation for different types of investment vehicles, mainly closed ended funds.


He serves as director on Board of 60 plus companies, including Closed Ended Funds, SPVs, CIS Managers, Investment Advisers, Investment Dealers amongst others.  He also serves as authorised signatory to bank accounts on various structures.  Apart his role as client relationship manager, he is also involved on recruitment side at Apex and various projects.


Kritish holds a BSc (Hons) in Mathematics and has been awarded with the ACCA Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business; he is also an ACCA member and further holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA); he is a member of Mauritius Institute of Directors (MIoD).

Fund Manager/ adMINISTRATOR

West Ferry Advisers & Managers Limited

Fund Manager

West Ferry Advisers and Managers Limited was incorporated as a private company limited by shares in Mauritius on 09 February 2011. The Company holds a Category 1 Global Business Licence and has also been granted a CIS Manager Licence on 18 February 2011 issued by the Financial Services Commission (Mauritius), it is also registered with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) as Category I Foreign Portfolio Investor (Non-Investing). The Company’s registered office is located at  Lot 15 A3, 1st Floor, CyberCity, Ebene 72201, Mauritius. The Investment Manager has been appointed by the Fund to act as portfolio manager of the fund.

Apex Fund & Corporate Services (Mauritius) Ltd (previously GFin Corporate Services Ltd) is a private company limited by shares incorporated in Mauritius on 22 September 2010. The Company holds a management licence under the Financial Services Act 2007 and is regulated by the Financial Services Commission.

The company is part of Apex Group Ltd., established in Bermuda in 2003, and is a global financial services provider with 50+ offices worldwide and 10,000 employees. The Group has continually improved and evolved its capabilities to offer a single-source solution through establishing the broadest range of products in the industry including fund services, digital onboarding and bank accounts, depositary, custody and super ManCo services, business services and a pioneering ESG Ratings and Advisory service for private companies.


Fund Administrator



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